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Interlibrary Loan Policies

Interlibrary Loan Material Usage

Materials received through interlibrary loan are intended for personal use only. It is a violation of copyright law's First Sale Doctrine to make copies of any material obtained through interlibrary loan. This means that interlibrary loaned media (such as DVDs) cannot be copied to our VOD repository, nor can books be photocopied for classroom use or reserves. If you are a faculty member and need classroom material, please use the library's Purchase Request Form or contact a librarian by email at or phone (319) 398-5697 to discuss purchase options.

Interlibrary Loan Charges

Generally, there is no charge for the interlibrary loan service. However, some libraries may charge a lending or copyright fee for certain materials. If you request an item with associated fees, we will contact you to confirm that you are willing to pay any applicable fees.

Returning Interlibrary Loan Material

Electronic and hardcopy articles are yours to keep. All other interlibrary loan materials should be returned to the library or county center where you picked them up. Please return any accompanying paperwork or book straps with your items.

Overdue Interlibrary Loans

You will receive 3 overdue notices. If after the third notice you have not returned the item(s), your interlibrary loan borrowing privileges will be suspended. If the item is still not returned, your Kirkwood Library borrowing privileges may be suspended. Finally, a stop may be placed on your student account until the overdue and/or recalled item is returned.
Please note that late returns of interlibrary loan materials jeopardize Kirkwood's ability to borrow from the libraries who lent us those materials.

Interlibrary Loan Recalls

It may happen that an interlibrary loan item in your possession is recalled. This usually means that a patron from the lending library needs it as well. Recalls due dates replace the original due date of the item and every effort should be made by the borrower (you) to return it as quickly as possible.
Quick return of recalled materials helps Kirkwood Library Services maintain good relationships with other libraries and helps ensure that these libraries will continue to lend us their items.

Local Availability

If material you need is held by a Cedar Rapids Metro Area Library, you can expect to receive your material faster by visiting any of these locations than receiving it through our Interlibrary Loan service. If you would like to check availability at any of these locations, you can visit their catalog here:


Interlibrary loan requests for renewals cannot be placed once the item becomes overdue. For more information on renewals, see the page here.

Interlibrary Loan Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to receive my ILL request?
  • Article requests usually arrive within 3 days, but may take as long as 2 weeks for rare sources.
  • Books and other physical items usually arrive in 5 to 10 days on average, but may take up to 3 weeks, depending on item availability and distance from the lending library. 
Q: Is there a "rush" service?
  • Unfortunately there is no rush service. If you need materials quickly, contact a reference librarian for help in finding similar resources available from Kirkwood Library Services.
Q: How many ILL requests can I make? Is there a limit?
  • You can have up to 12 physical ILL items out at any one time. This number includes ILL items checked out and requested. 
  • You may make more requests, but they won't be processed until you return ILL items that are checked out.
  • There is no limit to the number of articles that you may request. However, the library may only process 5 requests per day, per user. 

About Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Q: What is interlibrary loan?

A: Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a library service that allows Kirkwood students, faculty and staff to request materials from other libraries around the country.

Q: When should I use interlibrary loan?

A: Use interlibrary loan when you want a specific resource not held by Kirkwood Community College Libraries.

Q: What types of materials are available through interlibrary loan?

A: Generally, any items not held by Kirkwood Community College may be requested, usually books and articles.

However, the following may not be requested through ILL:

  1. Textbooks and other required course materials or exam study guides
  2. Most reference materials, such as encyclopedias and dictionaries
  3. DVDs or CDs may be requested, however these are difficult to obtain through ILL
Q: How much does interlibrary loan cost?

A: Interlibrary loan is provided free of charge to our community of Kirkwood students and employees. If you aren't a current student or employee, ask your local public library about their ILL service.


How to Retrieve Electronic Interlibrary Loan Material

Electronic Documents (Articles, Book Chapters, etc.)

  • Most articles and book chapters will be sent to you electronically.
  • Once an item is available, you will receive an email that lists a website address and password.
  • Follow the link, then copy and paste the password when prompted.
  • An article can be viewed a total number of five times this way and will be available for 30 days.
  • You are able to download any document delivered this way. Once a document is downloaded, you can access it as often as needed without limitations.

How to Pick Up Physical Interlibrary Loan Materials

Physical Media (Books, DVDs, CDs, etc.)

  • You will receive email notification when an interlibrary loan item is available for pick up at your chosen location.

Making Changes to an Interlibrary Loan Request

If you need to make changes to an interlibrary loan request that you have already submitted, or have questions about a requst you placed, please contact the interlibrary loan staff as soon as you are able by emailing or call us at 319-398-5696.


Interlibrary Loan Requests from Databases

Because interlibrary loan requests are made from the catalog, requesting items found in databases works a bit differently. Despite this, it is still pretty easy to make an interlibrary loan request if you follow the following steps:

Step 1: Most databases support a device to find full text for material that is not directly held by the database itself. Locate a button or link that says "find full text" or something similar:

Find Full Text Example
(click for larger view)

Step 2: Clicking the Full Text link will open a window that will show whether Kirkwood Libraries might hold the material in another database. Sometimes it will list that the item is held in the database. If so, check the "Coverage" line as often we only have limited coverage of certain titles. If we don't have access, you can click the "Request This Item" button toward the bottom of the window:

Request This Item Example
(click for larger view)

Step 2a: Currently, for some database items, the "Request This Item" button does not appear. But that's okay, you can still get the item you need, it will just take an extra step. Below is an example of an article that does not display the "Request This Item" button:

Missing Request This Item Button Example
(click for larger view)

Step 2b: If you see the above screen, no sweat! Simply copy the item title and paste it into the library catalog search box:

Search Catalog Example
(click for larger view)

Step 2c: If you are making an interlibrary loan request off campus, you will have to authenticate after clicking either the "Request This Item" or "Request This" button. After the "Authentication Required" window appears, click the "Sign into Kirkwood Community College Libraries with K number" link and log in with your k-number and EagleNet Password. After logging in, you may proceed with Step 3 below.

Off Campus Interlibrary Loan Request Example
(click for larger view)

Step 3: Once you click the "Request This Item" from the window above or from the library catalog, the Interlibrary Loan Form will appear. Fill out the form, making sure that you enter all required information:

Interlibrary Loan Request Form Example
(click for larger view)

That's all there is to it! Let us know if you have any questions.

Detailed ILL Directions

The simplest way to make an interlibrary loan request is by doing so through our WorldCat catalog. Follow these steps to find and request material for interlibrary loan.

Step 1: Search the catalog. Go to and enter your search terms into the search box as seen here:

Search Kirkwood Library's Catalog
(click for larger view)

Step 1a: If your search brings up the item you are looking for, then it is available from the Kirkwood Library! If you need the item delivered to one of the county/regional centers, follow the instructions found HERE.  If, however, the item you are looking for does not appear, you will have to expand your search beyond Kirkwood Library holdings. To do so, simply check the "Libraries Worldwide" check box on the upper left hand side of the screen as seen here:

(click for larger view)

Step 2: After you have found the item that you want, click the title of the work. Once you do this a button titled "Request This" will display. Click the button to open up the interlibrary loan request form:

Request This Example
(click for larger view)

Step 2a: (Off-Campus) Requesting an interlibrary loan from off-campus requires an additional step. After clicking the "Request This" button, a window will pop up asking for authentication. Click the "Sign into Kirkwood Community College Libraries with K number" link in this window and log in. After that, continue with Step 3 below.

Off Campus Interlibrary Loan Request Example
(click for larger view)


Step 3: Fill out the Interlibrary Loan Request Form. After you click the "Request This" button, an Interlibrary Loan Request form will appear. Simply fill out the form and then click Submit at the bottom of the window (note that required fields are denoted with a red asterisk):

Interlibrary Loan Request Form Example
(click for larger view)

That's it, your request has been submitted!

Contact ILL Staff

Hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm*

Phone: 319-398-5696

*Note: Interlibrary Loan materials can be picked up or returned anytime during normal library hours.

How to Renew an Interlibrary Loan

You may request a renewal of an ILL book before the due date, however the renewal is not automatic:
  • Log in to your Library Account with your K-number and EagleNet password.
  • Look for the title of the ILL material you want to renew, and click the "Renew" button under the status column. A request for renewal will be sent to the lending library.

Click for an example of the interlibrary loan renewal screen




Click the image above to see the Library Account Screen

Important Notes about interlibrary loan renewals:
  1. Lending libraries may or may not renew your item. If the lending library declines your request, please return the book on or before the original due date. You can request the item again and we will send the requests to other libraries.
  2. Be sure to request a renewal before the original due date. By following this important rule, you will help ensure that Kirkwood Libraries remains in good standing with other lenders.

How to: Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Step-by-step

Directions on how to search the Library's WorldCat Discovery to locate and request articles and books not owned by the library.




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