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A master LibGuide containing links for almost all other libguide content.

Virtual Exam Cram Welcome

Welcome to the Kirkwood Library & Tutoring Services Virtual Exam Cram!

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the Library and Tutoring services are hosting this semester's exam cram virtually. Within these pages you will find various activities, information and opportunities to help you de-stress and unwind as you get ready for finals.

We will keep this guide open and continue to add to it for more ideas and ways to help you relax and get the help you need to keep yourself physically and mentally well. Be sure to scroll below the image for a PERSONAL message from Chris Hemsworth (Thor).


Exam Stress image from India Today

image from India Today

Yoga & Physical Exercise to Unwind

Meditation & Relaxation


Ryan's Cat Buster Hiding

This is Ryan's cat Buster (so named because he is a Mother Boy [Arrested Development fans know what I mean!]).
And yes, he is just as crazy as he looks in this picture!

Kate's Cat Caramel

Kate's work-at-home tortie cat, Caramel, warms up with a cup of tea.

Kate's ball python
Basil(isk), Kate's Ball Python, lounges on on a log.


Ivy belongs to Shelley or is it the other way around?  Ivy came to Shelley as a feral foster and after many weeks of hard work and lots of love she became the sweetest little girl.  Her mom continues to foster little brats that she pretends to hate for a few days before being caught grooming and playing with them.  Her favorite thing to do is leave her hair everywhere especially clothing.  Her least favorite thing is being brushed.  Two strokes with the brush and she is gone.


Catalina - or as she is better known - Cat, lives with Julie.

Cindy's Dog Trader

Say hello to Cindy's dog, Trader! He is about 7 pounds and loves early morning walks and watching the neighborhood from the back porch.

Sarah's Cat April

April keeps a sharp eye on those pesky birds for her person, Sarah Y.


Do you need a short break to take your mind off studying for just a little while? (Not too long!) Here are a few books under 200 pages that are available in the Kirkwood Library. They may also be available from your local library if they are open now.

Click the title for more information

Brain Food Survey

Brain Food

Image of food that stimulates brain activity.

Since the pandemic prevents us from sharing treats, we thought instead we would get your opinions and ideas about what foods/drinks help you study. Also, after the short survey there is the chance for you to share your recipes for your favorite brain foods!

Online Open Tutoring

Tutoring is a free service available for free to all Kirkwood students. While classes are moved to online-only due to COVID-19, Tutoring Services are available online through Zoom, email at or by phone 319-398-5425. Tutoring sessions can be by appointment or by Virtual "Walk-In" sessions. For more information and to see a list of the subjects available check out the Tutoring Online Open Tutoring webpage.

Tutoring Services

Kirkwood Tutoring Link

Tutoring services are offered FREE to any Kirkwood student enrolled in credit classes for which tutoring is sought. Students may receive tutoring for two different classes each semester, for up to two hours per week for each class. Selective Online Open Tutoring will be offered online until further notice. Choose Online Open Tutoring from the list below to find out more about this option.
In addition to offering our current services in an online format, Kirkwood also utilizes Brainfuse, an online tutoring provider that uses real-time instruction and is available 24 hours a day. To access Brainfuse, please log in to Talon, then select the Welcome to Talon tile. 

Tutoring Tips

All one-on-one tutoring has moved to an online format and students are granted 2 classes and 2 hours of tutoring per class. In addition to individual tutoring, students have unlimited access to, an online tool for tutoring that is available 24/7. Fill out the online form to request one-on-one tutoring (Individual tutoring).

The best way to contact Tutoring Services is to email with your Kirkwood student email with any questions or inquiries or call us at 319-398-5425.

In addition to contacting Tutoring Services, here are some helpful tips to consider when considering seeking help from a tutor.

When to Get a Tutor

  • You need help understanding the ideas, concepts, or homework.
  • You need help preparing for a test.
  • You are falling behind in a class.

Before Meeting With Your Tutor

  • Read your syllabus and course schedule. This will help you schedule your tutoring appointments to properly prepare for tests and quizzes without cramming.
  • Start your homework. This will help identify problem areas to focus on during your tutoring appointment.
  • Do your best to understand as much of the material as possible.

What to Bring With You

  • Textbook
  • Course Material (syllabus, course schedule, etc.)
  • Previous homework assignments, quizzes and tests
  • Notes, study guides, flash cards and other study tools
  • Homework, similar problems or challenging problems
  • Specific questions for your tutor

Following the above guidelines will help ensure that you get the most from your tutoring session. For additional tips for working with your tutor and general advice on improving your performance in the class see the Tips for Tutoring section of the Tutoring Services page.

Animals & COVID-19

Coronavirus Dog and Cat Memes

Although we can't have our emotional support dogs in the library this semester due to Coronavirus,
we all understand the importance of animals in our lives to help us feel better. To that end
please enjoy this assortment of animal pictures and videos.

Coloring Sheets

One of our most popular activities for Exam Cram is our coloring station. Here is some coloring you can do at home!

Word Searches

Here are some fun, themed, Word Searches. Who doesn't love to relax with a good Word Search?  These pdf puzzles have to be printed to complete. These, and many more are available from from:


Websudoku -  This Sudoku website includes Easy, Medium, Hard, and Evil level puzzles that can be worked online or printed for working on paper.

Paper Crafts

Paper Fortune Tellers - These can be used to tell fortunes, answer questions, or to make a player perform an activity or answer a question.  It all depends on what you choose to include as messages on YOUR fortune teller. This is all just for fun of course! There are many sites and videos online with tutorials for creating paper fortune tellers (or as I saw some places you may know them as chatterboxes)  Included here is a link to a website with instructions and pictures, and a link to a video tutorial from YouTube

Traditional Origami Crane

The simple instructions below demonstrate how to fold a traditional origami crane. The second link has alternate instructions as well as some background information on the paper crane.Origami Cranes


Danish Braided Hearts - Braided Christmas Hearts or 'julehjerter' were invented by the famousDanish Christmas Heart Baskets | Julehjerter | Filled with candy Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen in the 1860's. These paper ornaments are shaped like hearts and can be opened to serve as little baskets or pouches. This is a popular craft among children in Denmark. They can be simple or intricate.  

Here is a link to one site with pretty good instructions.


Chris Hemsworth Appreciates You!

Brain Food Survey Responses




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