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Kirkwood Test Center

Kirkwood Test Center aims to provide the highest quality testing services by maintaining a secure facility, skilled and courteous employees, and positive working relationships with students, faculty, and the public.


Kirkwood Test Center provides a secure, technologically advanced testing facility for Kirkwood students, faculty, and staff, as well as proctoring services for other institutions and credentialing bodies.

Test Center expectations

  • Appointments are required for all exams.
  • A valid (unexpired) photo ID is required to take any test. Photos of identifications are not accepted.
  • All electronic devices (e.g. cell phones, iPads, smart watches, etc) must be shut off and placed in lockers during any exam. 
  • Prior approval must be granted for anyone to leave the testing station/room during the exam.
  • Speaking, texting, or e-mailing with others not permitted during the exam.
  • Test center staff will follow faculty or licensing body instructions for all exams.
  • Test takers are responsible for scheduling appointments with enough time to complete their exam. All testing ends promptly at closing time.
  • Test takers are responsible for monitoring their own exam time.

Please visit our Know before you go page for more information on Test Center rules and procedures.


In accordance with College procedure 400.5 - Recording devices, Kirkwood Test Center uses desktop monitoring software and audio/video recording equipment to ensure a secure testing environment. Persons using Kirkwood Test Center may be recorded at any time and it is not possible to opt out of being recorded. Any suspected inappropriate testing behavior will be documented and shared with your instructor or exam sponsor for further review.