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Kirkwood Test Center

Kirkwood Test Center aims to provide the highest quality testing services by maintaining a secure facility, skilled and courteous employees, and positive working relationships with students, faculty, and the public.

Exams we offer

The Kirkwood Test Center offers a variety of academic and non-academic exams for students and community members. Not all exams are offered at all locations. Please contact the Test Center if you have any questions.

Kirkwood academic course exams

If you are enrolled in in academic courses at Kirkwood, you may take your exams at the Test Center if certain conditions are met. These conditions include, but are not limited to:

  • You are enrolled in a Distance Learning course that has proctored (monitored) exams.
  • You are approved for testing accommodations.
  • You are taking a make-up exam and your professor has given you permission to use the Test Center.

Proctored exams for other institutions

If you are taking classes at another college or university, or you need an exam proctored to obtain a license or credential, Kirkwood Test Center can proctor your exam, subject to availability.