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Kirkwood Community College Test Centers

Cedar Rapids and Iowa City

Scheudule an Exam Appointment

Welcome to Kirkwood Test Centers

Appointments are required for all exams and are limited at this time.

Cedar Rapids Campus Appointments Available

Iowa City Campus Appointments Available

Test Center Policies

Test Center Expectations

• A photo ID is required to take any test.

• All electronic devices (e.g. cell phones, iPads, smart watches, etc) must be shut off and placed in lockers during any exam. 

• All students are required to wear a mask that covers both their nose and mouth at all times while on campus. 

• Prior approval must be granted for anyone to leave the testing station/room during the exam.

• Speaking, texting, or e-mailing with others not permitted during the exam.

• Test center staff will follow faculty or licensing body instructions for all exams.

• Students are responsible for monitoring their own time while testing.


Monitoring of Exams

Please be advised computer screens are monitored by desktop software and testing sessions are recorded with video camera.

Any suspected evidence of inappropriate testing behavior will be documented by test center staff and reported to the instructor of the course or licensing body for further review.