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Kirkwood Test Center: Faculty/Staff Information

Kirkwood Test Center aims to provide the highest quality testing services by maintaining a secure facility, skilled and courteous employees, and positive working relationships with students, faculty, and the public.

Spring 2024 faculty guide

Thank you for using Kirkwood Test Center. We have prepared this guide for faculty to get the most out of the Test Center and to understand our procedures. It is our hope that by working with faculty as partners, the Test Center can deliver the highest quality testing services and the best possible experience for students.


Locations and hours

Kirkwood Test Center has multiple locations to serve students, faculty, and the public:

  • Our Cedar Rapids (Main Campus) location has 41 computer workstations, 19 paper-and-pencil desks, and 6 private test rooms.
  • Our Coralville (KRCUI) location has 12 computer workstations, 6 paper-and-pencil desks, and 4 private test rooms.
  • Our Virtual Test Center offers proctoring over Zoom for students who have a documented accommodation for virtual proctoring, or for whom certain special circumstances apply.

Our operating hours are set semester-by-semester based on anticipated demand for our services and staffing availability. Please refer to our locations and hours page for the most updated hours and planned closures.

Services provided

Kirkwood Test Center provides the following services:

  • Full class computer testing for Distance Learning courses: These are regularly scheduled exams that every student in your Distance Learning course is expected to take during a predetermined exam window. Students enrolled in Distance Learning courses may also take their exams at other Kirkwood Regional Centers, at another institution's test center, or at a public library.
  • Make-up exams for face-to-face courses: If a student has missed a scheduled exam and you have granted them an excused absence per College Procedure 501.2 - Student Class Attendance, they can make up the exam at the Test Center. Both computer-delivered and paper-and-pencil make-up exams can be taken at the Test Center.
  • Testing for students with accommodations: The Test Center has adaptive technology, private testing rooms, and trained staff to administer exams for students with approved accommodations.

We are unable to provide the following services:

  • Creating, writing, interpreting, or scoring exams
  • Evaluating or approving requests for disability accommodations
  • Collecting students' homework
  • Proctoring exams in classrooms on campus


We use RegisterBlast to run the Test Center, collect exam requests from faculty, and schedule appointments. If you wish to use the Test Center, you will need a RegisterBlast account. Please email to request access and we will issue you account credentials.

Once your RegisterBlast account is set up, you can access your instructor dashboard, submit exam requests, and view the status of your students' appointments.


A major goal of the Test Center in 2024 is to standardize and document our processes. Our general process—the "life cycle" of a Test Center exam—is as follows:

Step 1: Professor submits exam request in RegisterBlast

The process begins with a professor submitting an exam request. This is done through RegisterBlast, the system we use to run the Test Center. Please visit our RegisterBlast resource page for step-by-step instructions on using RegisterBlast.

Step 2: Test Center reviews exam request and approves it

All exam requests will be reviewed by Test Center staff before they go live in the system. This is to ensure that exam requests are complete and correct, that the Test Center has the necessary information to administer the exam, and that any ambiguities can be resolved before students start making appointments.

Please allow 1 business day for us to review and approve your request. If we have any questions, we will contact you by email first.

Step 3: Student registers and schedules and appointment

The Test Center administers exams by appointment only. In your messaging and communications with students, please help us ensure this is not misrepresented. Appointments are not optional.

Step 4: Test Center prepares to administer exam

Once a student has made an appointment, the Test Center prepares to administer the exam. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Printing exam papers and pulling scantron forms
  • Setting up computer workstations, individual test rooms, and/or adaptive technology
  • Reviewing professor's instructions to ensure all necessary information has been collected

We require students to make appointments so that everything we need to administer the exam is ready in advance. When students arrive without an appointment, this prep time can cause delays in our process and negatively impact the student experience.

Step 5: Student arrives at the Test Center

Students are required to present a valid photo ID prior to being admitted to an exam. All IDs must be original documents; photos and scans of ID are not accepted. Students are also required to secure all personal items in a locker prior to entering the test room.

Step 6: Test Center administers exam according to professors instructions and Center procedures

Any irregularities in the test administration are documented via incident reports. These reports are shared with professors via RegisterBlast and/or Maxient.

Step 7: Student completes exam
Step 8: Test Center collects exam and returns it to professor (if applicable)

Computer-delivered exams are submitted automatically when the allotted time expires or when the student finishes testing. Our process for returning printed materials varies depending on the return option the professor selects:

  • Return via campus mail: Campus mail is sent once per day. The cut-off time is 2:00 p.m. Exams completed after that cut-off time will be sent in the next business day's campus mail run.
  • Scan and return: In most cases, scans will be completed by the end of the same business day. During peak times, scans may be completed by noon on the following business day. All scans will be visible in your RegisterBlast professor module.
  • Hold for pickup at Test Center: Exams will be kept in a locked filing cabinet for in-person pickup during our operating hours. Professors (or their designees) must countersign for receipt of all paper exams.


Between the instructor and the Test Center

The primary method of communication between instructors at the Test Center is email. For security, please use your College email account for all email communication with the Test Center. We're happy to assist you in person or over the phone, but we will follow up by email for recordkeeping purposes. Our exam submission form asks for your phone number; however, this is only used in the event of an urgent problem with the exam that the Test Center is unable to solve.

If you require any changes after your exam request has been approved, please inform us as quickly as possible. Note that once exam requests are approved and students have begun making appointments, some things cannot be changed.

Between the instructor and the student

As the students' most immediate point of contact, it falls to the faculty member to ensure that students are aware of the following:

  • Exam details, including dates, approved materials/aids, and other requirements.
  • Appointments are not optional and students without an appointment will not be admitted.
  • Exams must be submitted at the Test Center's posted closing time, and any allotted time remaining is forfeited. Students are not permitted to return the next day to finish an exam.
  • An EagleCard or valid government-issued photo ID is required for all testing.
  • Students must know their user name and password to log into Talon (or their equivalent access credentials for another LMS).

Between the student and the Test Center

Our know-before-you-go page provides valuable information about what to expect when taking an exam at the Test Center. Students may contact the Test Center for questions about exam scheduling and re-scheduling, and general inquiries about our operations.

Faculty FAQ

What should I tell my student about using the Test Center?

Kirkwood Test Center administers exams by appointment only. All test takers must make an appointment in order to test. Please instruct your students to locate available exams in their Talon course shell. Instructions on how to make an appointment can be found here. Please encourage your students to make their appointments as early in advance as possible, as seats will fill up.

What does my student need to know about Test Center expectations?

Please direct your students to the Test Center website, and especially our Know Before You Go page, for the most up-to-date instructions and expectations. Students are required to make an appointment for testing and are required to present a photo ID in order to test.

Can students take an exam without an appointment?

No, appointments are not optional. In your communications with your students, please ensure that this is not misrepresented. Appointments are not optional.

Can I drop off an exam to the Test Center?

No. The Test Center uses RegisterBlast to manage exam requests from faculty. If you want to use the Test Center, you will need a RegisterBlast account. If you do not have a RegisterBlast account or you do not remember your RegisterBlast credentials, please email the Test Center from your faculty email account to request access.

How do I get my paper-and-pencil exams back?

When you submit your exam request in RegisterBlast, you will select whether you wish to collect completed exams in person or have them returned to you via campus mail. You may pick up your exams anytime during our operating hours. Please bring a photo ID. Exams are sent out via campus mail every afternoon, Please allow 2-3 business days for campus mail.

Can I enable Respondus lockdown browser on my exams?

We prefer that Respondus is disabled for exams given in the Test Center. Our computers have desktop monitoring software and proctors observe all activity on Test Center computers.

What happens if you catch my student cheating?

The Test Center has a defined process for dealing with any suspected inappropriate testing behavior.

  1. Witness. If a staff member observes a test taker engaging in suspected inappropriate testing behavior, they will ask at least one fellow staff member to witness the behavior and confirm a suspected violation is taking place.
  2. Document. If the staff members concur that a test taker is engaging in suspected inappropriate testing behavior, they will document the incident, including any available evidence (e.g., screenshots, camera footage), and will compile an incident report.
  3. Notify. The staff member will submit the incident report in Maxient and provide the instructor with a copy.

Please note that the Test Center staff will generally not intervene in a test taker's exam session, or inform the student that an incident report has been submitted about them. The instructor is responsible for reviewing the evidence and taking whatever action they deem appropriate.

Who keeps track of time?

Exams given through an online learning management system (LMS) should have an allotted time set. The LMS will end the exam when the allotted time expires. Students taking pencil-and-paper exams are responsible for monitoring their own testing time and for handing in their exams before their time expires. Test Center staff record start and stop times on all paper exams.

Testing Accommodations

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Read and Write work with TALON quizzes or exams with Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Read and Write will work with Talon quizzes or exams with Respondus Lockdown Browser if the student has a Window's PC and the latest version of Read and Write installed on their personal device. 

Tutoring Services and the Accommodations Access Advocate will work with the students to determine if they have what they need. If not, alternative proctoring options are available through the Test Center.

A student has an exam online through Talon and an individual quiet testing room accommodation. How is this provided to a student who doesn’t come to campus?

The student is responsible for ensuring they have a quiet testing environment at home. If the student has a need to come to campus for a quiet environment, they will need to talk with their Accommodations Access Advocate about accessing the Test Center.

What do I do if a student has extended time for an online exam/quiz (proctored or not)?

Instructors will only need to set up the extended time on Talon or other online site. Students will log in and take their exam in the same way other students would take their exam.

What is the Virtual Test Center (Zoom Proctoring) for Students with Accommodations?

Zoom Proctoring is an accommodation that may be listed on a student's accommodation letter. If a student is approved for this accommodation, their Accommodations Access Advocate will follow up with the instructor to provide additional information.


Academic Integrity

Monitoring of Exams

All exams in the Test Center are proctored by staff using video surveillance and desktop monitoring software. When a student makes an appointment, they affirm that they understand this statement: I understand that any suspected evidence of inappropriate testing behavior will be documented by test center staff and reported for further review.

If a test center proctor suspects inappropriate testing behavior, they will not interfere with the test event. Instead, the proctor will document the behavior and produce a report with relevant information and documentation. The proctor will send the report to the instructor via e-mail, and it is the instructor's responsibility to begin the academic integrity process. 


Cedar Rapids Campus Library

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If you need disability-related accommodations in order to use the Library, our website, or our resources, please contact the library at or 319-398-5697.