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Citation Guides

Guides on everything related to citing sources: MLA and APA style, citing websites, and avoiding plagiarism.

MLA Websites

General rules:
  • Copy and paste URLs for accuracy, but remove the initial "http(s)://".
  • If a URL is longer than 3 full lines, or is longer than the rest of the citation, shorten it, usually to the home page or search page. 
  • Do not force a line break in a URL by introducing a hyphen or a space. It's okay to have uneven line breaks. The accuracy of the URL is the most important consideration.
  • Find the publisher's name at the very bottom of the webpage, after the © symbol.
  • Do not include the publisher name if it is the same as the title of the website.
  • Access date is only used if there is no publication/posting date, or if you suspect content has been changed or removed.
Basic format

Author. "Title of Page or Article." Title of Website, Publisher of website, Date published, URL. 


Lohr, Kathy. “Controversy Swirls around Harsh Anti-Obesity Ads.” All Things Considered, NPR, 9 Jan. 2012, controversy-swirls-around-harsh-anti-obesity-ads. 

Lambert, Verity. “Time and Relative Dimensions in Space.” Gallifrayan Compendium, 4 July 2017, 

Web page, no date, with access date:

“Don’t Just Manage Your Money, Own It!” Feed the Pig, American Institute of CPA, Accessed 10 Aug. 2019.

Web page, no author:

“Gout and Diabetes.” WebMD, 10 Nov. 2017, Accessed 25 Nov. 2017.

Web page, government author:

United States Census Bureau. "Income and Poverty in the United States: 2020." United State Census Bureau, Sept. 2021,

Congress, Public Law:

United States, Congress. Public Law 111-122. United States Statutes at Large, vol. 123, 2009, pp. 3480-82. U.S. Government Publishing Office,

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