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Citation Guides

Guides on everything related to citing sources: MLA and APA style, citing websites, and avoiding plagiarism.

MLA Articles from magazines, journals, newspapers, and library databases

General rules:
  • If pages aren't continuous, put the first page and a plus sign (for example, 46+).
  • For website URLs: copy and paste complete URL from the browser address, then remove the http:// at the beginning.
  • For database article URLs: copy and paste the "permalink" or other link provided by the database.
  • For articles with a DOI number: Use this instead of the URL.
Magazine Articles (p. 43*)

Author(s). "Title of Article." Title of Periodical, Day Month Year, pages.

Drucker, Peter. “Beyond the Information Revolution.” Atlantic Monthly, 31 Jan. 2015, pp. 47-48.

Journal Articles (Continuous Pagination or by Issue) (pp. 39-40, MLA Style FAQ)

Author(s). "Title of Article." Title of Journal, vol. Volume number, no. Issue number, Month Year, pp. Page numbers.

Kauffman, James M., and Harold J. Burbach. “Creating Classroom Civility.” Journal of Education, vol. 181, no. 3, Feb. 2013, pp. 12-18.

Library Subscription Service (Gale, EBSCOhost,Opposing Viewpoints,CQ Researcher, JSTOR,etc.) (pp. 38,110,113)

Author(s). “Title of Article.” Title of Journal, vol. Volume number, no. Issue number, Month Year, pp. page number(s). Database Provider Name,

Example without doi:

Smith, Gary. “Onward to the Top.” Successful Business, vol. 24, no. 7, 2019, pp. 204-210. EBSCOhost, b=bsh&AN=5265312&site=ehost-live&scope=site.

Example with doi: 

Chan, Evans. “Postmodernism and Hong Kong Cinema.” Postmodern Culture, vol. 10, no. 3, Mar. 2017. JSTOR, doi:10.1353/pmc.2000.0021.

Opposing Viewpoints database
  • The articles in Opposing Viewpoints have been published before in other publications. To recognize this, the first set of elements are about the original publication. The second set (or container) is about the publication that re-published it. The third set (or container) is about the database. 
  • Remember that the Opposing Viewpoints database will create a citation for you, which you can copy and paste, then check against this guide for correctness.

Butrymowicz, Sarah. "Charter Schools Have Had Mixed Results." Charter Schools. Edited by Margaret Haerens and Lynn Zott. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2012. "Charter Schools: An Experiment with Mixed Results." Politics Daily. 2011. Gale Opposing Viewpoints In Context. apps/doc/EJ3010800207/OVIC?u=kcccedar&xid=4c792463. Accessed 16 Aug. 2019.

Newspaper Article in Print (pp. 42-43, 111)

Price, Hugh B. “ S.A.T. Scores.” The New York Times, 26 Apr. 2017, late ed., pp. A23+.

“Security in Airports.” The Gazette [Cedar Rapids], 5 May 2013, p. A1.

Newspaper Article on Website

Flitter, Emily. "This Is What Racism Sounds Like in the Banking Industry." The New York Times, 11 Dec. 2019, Accessed 19 Dec. 2019.

* Page numbers refer to the print MLA Handbook, available at Kirkwood libraries.

MLA Literary criticism and other articles reprinted in books

Literary criticism reprints or collections

In much of the literary criticism the library provides, articles have been previously published in other publications.

  • The MLA style citations for these first include information about the original source, then about the "container" source when you actually accessed the article.
  • Remember that the library's databases provide a citation for each article that you can copy and paste, then double check it against these examples and correct any errors.
Examples, in print:

Smith, Annie. Environmental Protection. Mentor, 1990. pp. 34-36. Contemporary Literary Criticism, general editor, Thomas Votteler, vol. 20. Gale, 1999. pp. 23-36.

Wilson, Edmund. “The Ambiguity of Henry James.” The Hound and Horn, vol. 7, no. 3, 1934, pp. 385-406. Short Story Criticism, general editor, Thomas Votteler, vol. 8, Gale, 1991. pp. 274-276.

Example, online from a library database:

Grossman, Edward. “Vonnegut & His Audience.” Commentary, May 1974, pp. 40-46. Edited by Carolyn Riley and Phyllis Carmen Mendelson. Contemporary Literature. Criticism. vol. 5. Gale Research, 1976. Literature Resource Center. / Accessed 9 Dec. 2019. 

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