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Research Help

A help guide on some key activities involved in research processes.

About Searching

When we think of doing research, searching for information is what we usually think of first. But searching for information on its own isn't research, it is the search for information within the context of the larger process that makes it part of research.

There are a few ways to approach your information search that will help make it more efficient and more interesting to you:

  1. There are many different types of information sources: books, journal articles, magazine articles, news articles, government reports, blogs, videos, and more. The best research makes use of many different types of sources to gain a variety of different perspectives. Also, check your assignment: many instructors have requirements for what types of information sources you may use.
  2. Approach each search or browse for information with a purpose in mind. Are you browsing to get ideas for your focus? Do you want to know who are the expert authors on your topic? Are you looking for statistics? Research reports? The latest news? Use your purpose to guide where and how you search for information. There is lots of guidance below on this page, and on these pages:
    1. Find and borrow books
    2. Find videos
    3. Find articles
    4. Find news articles
    5. Find web resources
  3. Keep in mind the other elements of the research process as you search for information: evaluation and citing are especially important to do alongside your search.

Searching WorldCat: the Library all-in-one search

This video describes the library's WorldCat search and demonstrates how to use it to search for books, eBooks, articles, or videos.

Videos & Tutorials on Searching for Information

Many of these videos and tutorials are from Credo InfoLit. You may need to log in with your k number and password to view content.

Videos & Tutorials on Effective Search Techniques

These videos and tutorials are from Credo InfoLit. You may need to log in with your k number and password to view content.

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