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Faculty Services

This page lists a variety of library services for faculty, such as instruction requests, purchase requests, and individual consultations.

About Credo Instruct Tutorials

Library Services subscribes to a collection of tutorials designed to teach basic research and information literacy skills to students.


  • Videos
  • Step-by-step text tutorials
  • Quizzes

Topics covered:

  • Getting started with research
  • Sources of information
  • Searching for information
  • Evaluating information
  • Presenting research and data
  • Citations
  • Information Ethics
  • Visual and Quantitative Literacy
  • Using Critical Thinking and Logic
  • Culture and Citizenship
  • Click here to view all available tutorials, videos, and quizzes

Choosing a method of sharing Credo Instruct content

The table below compares the three methods for sharing Credo Instruct content so you can choose the method that will work best for your needs. You'll find the necessary links to copy and paste on the Credo Instruct Links help page.


Recommended: LTI Link (a.k.a. External Learning Tool)

Direct Link Embed Code
Student Access These links only work within Talon. Students will be automatically logged in once they are in Talon.

Use this method if you want to assign a tutorial only to certain students rather than your whole class.

Can be inserted into Talon or sent to students via email. If linked from Talon, students should be automatically logged in. Otherwise students need to enter their k number and password.

Can be inserted into Talon. If linked from Talon, students should be automatically logged in.
Quizzes & grading Student quiz grades will be automatically entered into Talon gradebook, after initial setup. Students will need to log in and provide instructor and course information. Students can email their quiz grades to themselves and/or their instructor, or instructors can contact librarian Kate Cameron to access a report for their students. Same as for Direct Links (see description to the left).
How to set it up See LibGuide directions See LibGuide directions Contact Library for more information

Additional information:

  • For each link, embed code or LTI link, the content will show up separate from the rest of the tutorial. For example, if you select the link for a video, only that video will show in Talon, without navigation to the following tutorial module. If you select the link for a specific module, students will see the first page of that module and be able to navigate through all the pages of that module, and it will stop before they get to a quiz or get to the next module.

Credo Instruct FAQs

Q: Is there a way to know if a student has completed a tutorial?

A: Yes and no -- Credo doesn't have a specific way to know this, the only thing it tracks for an individual student is quiz scores. So including quizzes is the best way to know students at least understand the basic concepts of a tutorial.

Talon, however, has functions that let you track a student's progress in the course, the Class Progress tool, and the Completion Tracking feature. With these you can see whether each student viewed the specific course content. 

Q: Can I assign a tutorial or quiz to a single student rather than my whole class?

A: Yes - the best way to do this is to email that student with direct links to the tutorials and/or quizzes you'd like them to complete. To get quiz results, contact Kate Hess at the Library to pull your student's score. You might instruct your student to be sure to fill out the form that appears before the quiz, asking for their name, the course, and their instructor's name, so that we can be sure to pull the right quiz results.

Q: I don't want to assign specific tutorials in my Talon, but I'd like students to know they can access these tutorials on their own if they need help. What link should I use?

A: There are 2 ways you could do this: 

  1. You could put the link to the Credo InfoLit homepage in your Talon: This will take students to a table of contents where they can browse and select content they wish to view.
  2. You could link to the Kirkwood Library's LibGuides "Research Help" page. This contains a mixture of Kirkwood-created content and Credo InfoLit tutorials and videos, arranged in tabs according to the broad areas of research. The link is: 

Q: Are there quizzes that cover Credo video content?

A: In most cases videos serve to introduce a topic; tutorials serve up the main content; and quizzes cover the tutorial content, but not the video content.

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