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Faculty Services: Additional Direct Links

This page lists a variety of library services for faculty, such as instruction requests, purchase requests, and individual consultations.

About this page

The links on this page can be copy and pasted into Talon course content, or may be emailed directly to students. However, if you plan on assigning any quizzes, we recommend the LTI linking method instead.

Direct Links for Credo Instruct Tutorial Modules

Direct links to specific Credo Instruct modules can be pasted into Talon course content, or can be emailed directly to students. Please note: if you plan on assigning and grading the tutorial quizzes, we recommend the LTI Linking method instead.

Directions for inserting Direct Links into Talon:

1) It's best to have 3 tabs open on your browser: this page, Talon, and the Credo Instruct website. Start by selecting the tutorial, video, or quiz you want to use on the Credo Instruct site.

2) On this page, locate the link for that tutorial by scrolling down, or search this page for the name of the tutorial by typing Ctrl+F. Highlight and copy the link.

3) On Talon, go to the location in your Course Content where you want the tutorial to be linked. Click Upload/Create, then choose "Create a Link". Fill in the title of the tutorial, then paste the link you previously copied.

OR: If you just want to share a link via email, follow steps 1 and 2, then paste into a message. These links work just like any URL, and will prompt students to enter their k number and password to access.

Direct Links for Copy and Pasting into Talon

Whole Course Link

Getting Started With Research

Tutorial: Why Information Literacy Matters

Video: Life in the Information Age

Videos: Research Process

Tutorial: Developing a Research Focus

Video: How to Narrow Your Topic

Tutorial: Background Research Tips

Videos: Beginning Research with Wikipedia/Google

Video: Thesis Statements

Quiz: Thesis Statements

Tutorial: Scholarship as Conversation

Quiz: The Research Process

Tutorial: Research for Persuasive Writing [new]

Sources of Information

Tutorial: Information Has Value

Quiz: Information Has Value

Video: Data, Information, and Knowledge

Quiz: Data, Information, and Knowledge

Video: Primary & Secondary Research

Quiz: Primary & Secondary Sources

Video: Peer Review

Quiz: Peer Review

Video: Types of Sources

Video: Primary Sources

Video: Secondary Sources

Video: Tertiary Sources

Tutorial: Source Types

Quiz: Types of Sources

Tutorial: How To Read Scholarly Materials

Video: How to Read Scholarly Materials

Tutorial: Selecting Appropriate Digital Sources [new]

Searching for Information

Videos: Searching as Exploration

Video: Choosing a Database

Quiz: Choosing a Database

Tutorial: Choosing & Using Keywords

Quiz: Choosing and Using Keywords

Tutorial: Search Techniques, Part 1

Tutorial: Search Techniques, Part 2

Video: Refining Search Results

Quiz: Search Techniques

Evaluating Information

Video: What is Authority

Video: Introduction to Bias

Video: Types of Bias

Quiz: Bias

Video: Evaluating Sources

Tutorial: Evaluating Information

Tutorial: Choosing the Best Web Source

Video: How to Identify and Debunk Fake News

Video Tutorial: Understanding Misinformation

Quiz: Fake News

Quiz: Evaluating Information

Tutorial: News Reporting vs. Opinion Pieces in Journalism [new]

Tutorial: Evaluating Digital Sources Using Lateral Reading [new]

Presenting Research and Data

Video: Synthesizing Information

Tutorial: Synthesizing Information

Quiz: Synthesizing Information

Tutorial: Annotated Bibliography

Video: Anatomy of a Research Paper

Quiz: Anatomy of a Research Paper

Video: Writing Help

Tutorial: Digital Privacy [new]

Tutorial: Paraphrasing, Quoting, and Summarizing [new]

Citations and Academic Integrity

Video: Why Citations Matter

Tutorial: Why Citations Matter

Video: APA Citations

Tutorial: APA Citations

Quiz: APA Citations

Video: MLA 8th Edition Citation Style

Tutorial: MLA 8th Edition Citation Style

Quiz: MLA Citations

Video: Academic Integrity

Video: Plagiarism

Video: Copyright

Quiz: Academic Integrity