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Faculty Services

This page lists a variety of library services for faculty, such as instruction requests, purchase requests, and individual consultations.

Welcome Faculty!

The Library offers so many resources and services to our faculty, we need several pages just to show you! Here is a preview of the kinds of information and services you will find described on these pages!

Library Catalog, Databases, and Book Collection

Kirkwood Library Services has a wide array of materials available to students, faculty, and staff, both on and off campus. Books and other physical materials held by the Cedar Rapids or Iowa City Libraries can be searched using the WorldCat Discovery search, and can be delivered to any Kirkwood location. All resources are searchable from Kirkwood Library's homepage,

Purchase Request

We value your input on the purchase of library materials. Please send your recommendation using the form below.

Purchase Request Form

Placing holds & Campus mail delivery

As a Kirkwood faculty, you can access almost all Library resources from your office. In addition to the wealth of digital resources you can access through our databases, you can also search for books and DVDs held by both campus Libraries, and have those items delivered to your campus mail box. 
The "Place Hold" function in the library search will place a hold on items that are already checked out, or will request campus or center delivery from either Iowa City or Cedar Rapids campus libraries. See detailed instructions below.

How to Make an Interlibrary Loan Request

The simplest way to make an interlibrary loan request is by doing so through our WorldCat catalog. Follow these steps to find and request material for interlibrary loan.

Step 1: Search the catalog. Go to and enter your search terms into the search box as seen here:

Search Kirkwood Library's Catalog
(click for larger view)

Step 1a: If your search brings up the item you are looking for, then it is available from the Kirkwood Library! If you need the item delivered to one of the county/regional centers, follow the instructions found HERE.  If, however, the item you are looking for does not appear, you will have to expand your search beyond Kirkwood Library holdings. To do so, simply check the "Libraries Worldwide" check box on the upper left hand side of the screen as seen here:

(click for larger view)

Step 2: After you have found the item that you want, click the title of the work. Once you do this a button titled "Request This" will display. Click the button to open up the interlibrary loan request form:

Request This Example
(click for larger view)

Step 2a: (Off-Campus) Requesting an interlibrary loan from off-campus requires an additional step. After clicking the "Request This" button, a window will pop up asking for authentication. Click the "Sign into Kirkwood Community College Libraries with K number" link in this window and log in. After that, continue with Step 3 below.

Off Campus Interlibrary Loan Request Example
(click for larger view)


Step 3: Fill out the Interlibrary Loan Request Form. After you click the "Request This" button, an Interlibrary Loan Request form will appear. Simply fill out the form and then click Submit at the bottom of the window (note that required fields are denoted with a red asterisk):

Interlibrary Loan Request Form Example
(click for larger view)

That's it, your request has been submitted!

Videos & Films for Classroom or Talon Use

To search for available videos & films:

  • Search for DVDs and streaming video in the Library Catalog (WorldCat). Enter a specific title or a subject in the WorldCat search, then use the "video" limit to view available DVDs and streaming videos.
  • Search directly in Films on Demand or Kanopy databases for streaming video only.
  • Most Library DVDs are in Kirkwood's VOD (Video on Demand) system, which means they can be added to your Talon course as a streaming video that students can watch at any time through your course content. To embed in your Talon course, contact Scott Stiffler at Kirkwood's Technology Services for the URL. It can then be added like any link to your Talon course content.
  • To request that the Library purchase a video we don't currently own, please fill out our online request form

To add a video from Films on Demand or Kanopy into Talon:

  • Locate the video you want to insert into Talon by searching the  Library Catalog (WorldCat) or by searching Films on Demand or Kanopy directly.
  • For Films on Demand: Click on the "Share" function just below the video, then click "Embed/Link". Copy and paste the URL or embed code to add to your Talon Course Content the way you add any link.
  • For Kanopy: Copy the link to the video by using the "Share" button. Paste it into the URL in your Talon Course Content where you want it to appear.


Placing Items on Course Reserves

Fill in the form below and bring it to the library together with your reserved items.
Please plan ahead and allow two business days for the library to process your request.

Contact us for questions and comments:

              Cedar Rapids Campus Library                                                                
              Phone: 319-887-5696                                           

              Iowa City Campus Library 

              Phone: 319-398-3613 

Faculty Research Consultation

We are happy to help you with library research for your teaching, research, and professional development needs. If you are currently working on or will be working on such an endeavor we can schedule a face to face meeting with you to determine where to obtain relevant materials.  Because of the complexity of such requests, we have found that the face to face interview approach generates the best results for all parties. 

Don’t hesitate, contact the Library reference desk and schedule an appointment today.

Cedar Rapids Campus Library
       Phone: 319-398-5697
       Toll-free 866-452-8504

Iowa City Campus Library

Upcoming Faculty Workshops

Fall 2019

"Your Online Library: Did You Know...?" 

Join librarian Kate Hess as she endeavors to show you something you didn't know before about the many resources available through the Library Services website. If you use the Library, but have a suspicion that there is more to it that you haven't yet discovered, this is the session for you!

Offered 3 times:

  • Sept. 26th @ 2:30, Cedar Rapids Campus, SERVICE-LIBRONL-SEP26
  • Oct. 3rd @ 2:30, Iowa City Campus, SERVICE-LIBRONL-OCT03
  • Oct. 10th @ 2:30, WebLive/Zoom, SERVICE-LIBRONL-OCT10



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