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Kirkwood Library homepage

Virtual Library Tour

This tour will provide you with an introduction to Kirkwood's library help desks, technology resources, collections and spaces to help you be successful in your college career.

Circulation Desk

Library staff at the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Campus Libraries are here to help you:

  • Borrow, renew and return books, magazines and journals (using your K#)

  • Request books put on reserve by your faculty member (for in-library-use only)

  • Check out laptops

  • Retrieve items from the library Lost and Found.

  • Borrow headphones, a flash drive or a USB cable for phone/device charging 

  • Borrow a graphing calculator 

  • Receive a free pair of earplugs

  • FAX a document for free (at the Cedar Rapids Campus only)

  • Pay library fines

Cedar Rapids Campus Library

Benton Hall

6301 Kirkwood Blvd SW, Cedar Rapids, IA

Iowa City Campus Library

107 Credit Center Building

1816 Lower Muscatine Rd., Iowa City, IA 


If you need disability-related accommodations in order to use the Library, our website, or our resources, please contact the library at or 319-398-5697.