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Open Textbooks, OER & Other Open or Free Resources for Faculty

A guide to exploring open textbook options for faculty.

Get help with OER adoption from the Library

Ask for help with OER adoption or use! Just fill out this form and we'll get back to you:



Complete this free self-paced OER tutorial created by Kirkwood librarians just for our faculty:

OER People & Projects at Kirkwood

OER Support Around the College

There are many faculty and staff at Kirkwood who use OER, support faculty adoption of OER, or have the knowledge and expertise to help with specific issues. Ask one of your colleagues about OER today:

Kate Cameron, Digital Services Librarian, Library Services

  • Guidance in the process of shifting from traditional course materials to OER
  • Offers KCELT classes on OER adoption
  • Support and assistance in locating and curating OERs for all disciplines
  • Support in navigating questions of copyright, Creative Commons licensing, and fair use

AISD: Instructional Designers

  • Help in transitioning course materials to OER
  • Help incorporating new course materials into Talon

See our faculty OER adopters for more contacts.

Kirkwood's OER Blog

To see what your fellow faculty OER adopters are talking about, see our OER @ Kirkwood Faculty Blog.

Existing OER materials at Kirkwood

Courses currently available as OER

The following course have OER materials available to Kirkwood faculty to copy. Contact Kate Cameron in Library Services:

Arts & Humanities

Business & IT

Social Sciences

Math & Sciences

Global Learning


Talon shells with OER materials already loaded or in the works:

Contact Emily McWorthy to copy

  1. Intro to Business (OpenStax)
  2. Intro to Sociology (OpenStax)
  3. Concepts in Biology (OpenStax)
  4. US History (OpenStax)
  5. Intro to Psychology (OpenStax)
  6. Macroeconomics (OpenStax)
  7. Elements of Writing/Comp 1/Comp 2
  8. Art Appreciation/Art History
  9. Anthropology
  10. Business/IT/Management (various)

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