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Detailed ILL Directions

The simplest way to make an interlibrary loan request is to go through our WorldCat catalog. Follow these steps to find and request material for interlibrary loan.

Step 1: Search the catalog. Go to and enter your search terms into the search box as seen here:

Search Kirkwood Library's Catalog
(click for larger view)

Was your item found? 

  • If the item you want appears in the results, then it is available from the Kirkwood Library! Click on the title to see where it's located. If you need the item delivered to one of the county/regional centers, follow the instructions found HERE
  • If the item you want does not appear, you can expand your search beyond Kirkwood Library holdings. Check the "Libraries Worldwide" box on the upper left hand side of the screen as seen here:

(click for larger view)

Step 2: Request the item. Locate the item you want in the results list and click on the title. Find the button "Request This" and click to open up the interlibrary loan request form:

Request This Example
(click for larger view)

If you're searching from off-campus: After clicking the "Request This" button, a window will pop up saying "Select a service to sign into." Select the first option, "Kirkwood Community College Libraries LDAP", then log in with your k number and password.

Step 3: Fill out the Interlibrary Loan Request Form. Next, an Interlibrary Loan Request form will appear. It should be pre-filled with information about the item you want to request. Scroll down to fill in your name and contact information. Click Submit at the bottom of the window.

That's it, your request has been submitted!

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If you need disability-related accommodations in order to use the Library, our website, or our resources, please contact the library at or 319-398-5697.