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Exam Cram: April 25, 2024

Word Searches

Here are some fun, themed, Word Searches. Who doesn't love to relax with a good Word Search?  These pdf puzzles have to be printed to complete. These, and many more are available from from:


Websudoku -  This Sudoku website includes Easy, Medium, Hard, and Evil level puzzles that can be worked online or printed for working on paper.

Paper Crafts

Paper Fortune Tellers - These can be used to tell fortunes, answer questions, or to make a player perform an activity or answer a question.  It all depends on what you choose to include as messages on YOUR fortune teller. This is all just for fun of course! There are many sites and videos online with tutorials for creating paper fortune tellers (or as I saw some places you may know them as chatterboxes)  Included here is a link to a website with instructions and pictures, and a link to a video tutorial from YouTube

Traditional Origami Crane

The simple instructions below demonstrate how to fold a traditional origami crane. The second link has alternate instructions as well as some background information on the paper crane.Origami Cranes


Danish Braided Hearts - Braided Christmas Hearts or 'julehjerter' were invented by the famousDanish Christmas Heart Baskets | Julehjerter | Filled with candy Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen in the 1860's. These paper ornaments are shaped like hearts and can be opened to serve as little baskets or pouches. This is a popular craft among children in Denmark. They can be simple or intricate.  

Here is a link to one site with pretty good instructions.



Do you need a short break to take your mind off studying for just a little while? (Not too long!) Here are a few books under 200 pages that are available in the Kirkwood Library. They may also be available from your local library.

Click the title for more information

Coloring Sheets

One of our most popular activities for Exam Cram is our coloring station. Here is some coloring you can do at home!

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