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Exam Cram Virtual Edition

Animals & COVID-19

Coronavirus Dog and Cat Memes

Although we can't have our emotional support dogs in the library this semester due to Coronavirus,
we all understand the importance of animals in our lives to help us feel better. To that end
please enjoy this assortment of animal pictures and videos.


Ryan's Cat Buster Hiding

This is Ryan's cat Buster (so named because he is a Mother Boy [Arrested Development fans know what I mean!]).
And yes, he is just as crazy as he looks in this picture!

Kate's Cat Caramel

Kate's work-at-home tortie cat, Caramel, warms up with a cup of tea.

Kate's ball python
Basil(isk), Kate's Ball Python, lounges on on a log.


Ivy belongs to Shelley or is it the other way around?  Ivy came to Shelley as a feral foster and after many weeks of hard work and lots of love she became the sweetest little girl.  Her mom continues to foster little brats that she pretends to hate for a few days before being caught grooming and playing with them.  Her favorite thing to do is leave her hair everywhere especially clothing.  Her least favorite thing is being brushed.  Two strokes with the brush and she is gone.


Catalina - or as she is better known - Cat, lives with Julie.

Cindy's Dog Trader

Say hello to Cindy's dog, Trader! He is about 7 pounds and loves early morning walks and watching the neighborhood from the back porch.

Sarah's Cat April

April keeps a sharp eye on those pesky birds for her person, Sarah Y.

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