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Brainfuse guide

Basic descriptions of the tools, resources, and services available through the Brainfuse website. Includes test preparation, career needs, and veterans' services.

What is Brainfuse?

  • Access to Brainfuse is provided by the State Library of Iowa, and is completely free to all Iowa residents.
  • Some services require logging in.
    • You can create your own login and password when prompted, using your personal email address.
    • Brainfuse keeps your email confidential and never sends any emails to you or sells your email to a third party.

Brainfuse for test preparation

To access:

Click on "Tools for Learners" then "LearnNow" in the menu at the top of the Brainfuse screen.

On this screen you can browse or search for the many subjects and tests:

  • High School
    • Support for many high school courses
  • High School Equivalency Tests
    • Includes GED, HiSET, and TASC
  • College Entrance Test Prep
    • Includes PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP courses, TOEFL iBT, TOEIC, CLEP, and THEA, TEAS, and HESI
  • CollegeNow 
    • Support for the college application process
  • College Placement Tests
    • Includes Accuplacer and WritePlacer
  • College
    • Support for many general college courses
  • Nursing School Exams
  • Praxis
  • Computers and Technology
    • Support for learning Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, and C++, Java, and SQL certification
  • Graduate School Entrance Test Prer
    • GRE and GMAT
  • Adult Learner Resources
    • Support for recalling basic school subjects like math, reading, writing, and critical thinking
    • Test prep for ASVAB, TABE, U.S. Citizenship, TEAS, HESI, GED, HiSET, TASC
  • ESL
    • Support for beginning, intermediate, and academic ESL reading, writing, and grammar
    • College application and college readiness information
    • TOEFL test prep

Brainfuse LEAP Learning Skills Assessment

To access:

Click on "Tools for Learners" then "LEAP Learning Platform"

  • Brainfuse LEAP Learning Platform contains a combination of test preparation, skills assessment, and personalized learning plan.
  • You need to create a personal login to access these resources.
  1. Begin by taking a practice test in the area you want to study:
    • ACT English, Math, Reading, or Science
    • College Readiness Math, Reading, or Writing
    • GED Math, Reading Comprehension, Writing, Science, or Social Studies
    • SAT
  2. LEAP uses the results of your practice test to create a personalized learning plan of specific lessons, quizzes, and online tutoring for the skills you need to work on the most.
  3. After working through the suggested lessons, you can retake the practice tests if you choose.

Brainfuse job tools

To access:

Click on "Job Tools" at the top of the page, then select from the several job resources listed.

  • Brainfuse provides a wide selection of different tools and services for career exploration and job searching. 
  • On the Brainfuse homepage (link above) there are information boxes for "Live Job Coaching" and "Resume Lab". Each of these services connects you online with a job coach expert who can:
    • review your resume and help with formatting
    • help you prepare for an interview
    • help you with your job search.
  • Other resources include:
    • resume templates
    • resume creation software
    • interview tips
    • eParachute, which helps you discover college majors and careers that match your skills and interests

Brainfuse for veterans' services

Brainfuse contains a collection of unique tools to support U.S. military veterans:

  • Expert Help menu item on the Brainfuse site includes a "Live Veteran Navigator", which connects you online with an expert knowledgeable about veterans' resources and benefits.
  • VA Support Tools menu item contains many links to national and local resources for veterans and their families

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