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Accommodation Services

Accommodation and Access support services for students with disabilities.

Fall 2020 Faculty Letter

Fall 2020 Faculty Letter

Hello from Accommodation Services! We would like to share updates and reminders about working with students with accommodations and our program.

First, the updates:

  • We have updated our website to reflect COVID-19 related changes to our services,
  • NEW! In efforts to provide updated communication information regarding Accommodation Services, we have created a new faculty and staff information page too! Please visit and click on Faculty & Staff Information link. There you will find updates/changes, reference materials and best practices for working with students with disabilities.
  • At this time, the Test Center (Main Campus and Iowa City) will be providing proctoring services for students with accommodations who are enrolled in a face to face/hybrid classes only. Please see Testing Accommodations and the Test Center COVID-19 Updates pages for all of the Fall 2020 updates and changes to services.

Second, the reminders:

  • Accommodation letters are your official notice of a student’s accommodations and take effect when the letter is delivered. Letters are sent from this email address: Kirkwood Learning Services On Behalf Of [Accommodations Access Advocate Name].

  • If a student has extended time on quizzes and exams, we recommend setting up the time extensions right away for the entire semester to avoid any delays or issues. 
    • Note: Some of the exam proctoring software can prevent a student from having access to their accommodations while testing. For example, the Respondus Lockdown browser prevents a student using Read & Write to read aloud exams. In these situations, we will need to work with both you and the student to identify a solution that would allow the student to have access to the accommodations while still ensuring test security. If you have students who have accommodation needs that you have questions about, please contact us.

Lastly, as we all know, this fall semester is unlike any others. Like you, we are working towards adapting our processes and communications to ensure information is being delivered. In efforts to remain accessible to students and staff while working remotely, we have implemented a Calendly scheduling system for the Accommodations team. With this we will be providing “walk-in” zoom hours to help students virtually through Zoom. All information on this can be found on our website.

Also, due to the many changes in the fall schedule, some accommodation letters will have accommodations listed that may not directly apply to your course. For example, if the course was originally a face to face class that then switched to an online class, some note-taking or classroom accommodations may already be taken care of because the course switched to online.

We wish you all the best this fall semester! Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our Accommodations Access Advocates with questions or concerns about accommodations. We are here to support both you and your students!

Coming Soon!

A new faculty guide and information on Accommodation Services is coming soon!