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Accommodation Services

Accommodation and Access support services for students with disabilities.

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How to Access Accommodations

How to Access Accommodations

Below is important information about the next steps to receiving and making arrangements for academic accommodations for classes. 

Click on the name of an accommodation from the list below to review information and instructions on what you will need to do.

For all other accommodation questions, please talk with your Accommodation Access Advocate. 

If you need to check which accommodations you are eligible for, follow the instructions found here

Testing Accommodations for Students

The Test Centers provide academic and certification exams in a quiet, proctored environment for students and community members. The Test Centers also provide an alternative testing environment for students with approved testing accommodations. 

To take an exam or quiz in the Test Center, students need to: 

  1. Talk with their instructors about testing arrangements for their classes including, but not limited to, the date and time to take the exam, and whether or not you will need to return to class afterwards. 
  2. Schedule an Testing Appointment with the Test Center through your course page on TALON.
    Visit How to Schedule an Testing Appointment for step by step instructions. 
  3. Appointments are required for all exams, and it is students need to schedule these appointments at least one week in advance of their test.
    • You'll need to bring a photo I.D. with you to check in for your exam.
    • Please visit the Test Center Website for further information on requirements for using the Test Center. 


What do I need to know to make a Testing Appointment? 

You will need to know:

  1. Date and Time you need to take your exam and how long you have to take your exam
  2. You Kirkwood Student Email which is required for when you schedule your appointment.
  3. What accommodations or assistive technology you are approved for and are needing to use
  4. Any other information your instructor says you can use for exams like a calculator, etc. 
How do I know if I need to take my tests/quizzes in the Test Center? 

First, you'll need to talk with your instructor about all your testing arrangements, as it will change depending on the format of the exam or quiz. 

  • Typically for in-person/face to face classes, you will take your exams in the Test Center if you wish to use your testing accommodations unless your instructor provides an alternative option such as taking your test online with proctoring software. 
  • For online tests in TALON or similar course sites where proctoring software has already been arranged (like use of Respondus Lockdown Browser or Examity), students may take these exams in another space outside of a Test Center. 
  • Accommodations for Lab courses will be different than accommodations allowed for lecture tests and quizzes. Lab test and quizzes evaluating a student's performance of a specific skill will need to be taken in the lab and extra time may not be considered a reasonable accommodation. 
  • Please discuss all test and quiz arrangements with your instructor to ensure access to your accommodations.
What if I schedule an Test Appointment and my test date gets moved? 

That's okay! Please just reschedule your testing appointment with the Test Center for the new date and time. 

I don't want to use my testing accommodations, I'd rather say in the classroom. What do I do now?

If you don't want to use your testing accommodations and want to stay in the classroom you will need to discuss this with your instructor at least 3 days prior to the exam. By doing this, you may be forfeiting your extended time, and the instructor may ask you to document that you are agreeing to take the exam in the classroom without your accommodations. 

If you scheduled an Exam Appointment, you will need to cancel your appointment. 

Learning Commons: Learning Support (Tutoring), Alternative Textbooks, Read & Write

Learning Supports (Tutoring): The Learning Commons provides learning supports(tutoring) assistance to students for their academic classes. They provide a variety of options, such as individual supports, walk-in support, and online supports. Check their website for more information (see information below) 

Alternative Textbooks or (E-Text) is an electronic alternative option to physical textbooks for students. Kirkwood Tutoring Services work with publishers companies to provide accessible textbooks to students to use with assistive technology software.

To submit your requests for alternative textbooks/e-text, contact Tutoring Services. You will be asked to complete some paperwork and provide textbook information in order to process your request. You will need a physical copy of your textbook or a copy of your purchase receipt.

Read and Write (For Windows or Macs) 

Kirkwood provides students with access to Read and Write, an assistive technology tool to help with reading, writing and expressing oneself. Read and Write is a computer software that will reads aloud word, pdf, and websites, which helps students have access to their course materials. 

Tutoring Services provides tutorials and installations of Read and Write for students. Contact Tutoring Services to schedule an appointment to get access to Read and Write. 


Learning Commons 

2071 Cedar Hall


Classroom Accommodations

Note-taking Accommodations 

If you are approved for any note-taking accommodations, it is important that you talk with your instructor about these accommodations and the best way to get access to course material. 

If you have been approved to use an electronic device for note-taking, you will need to have a conversation with your instructor to discuss:

  1. which device you will be using
  2.  how you will be using the device
  3. appropriate times to record and/or take photos
  4. and any other expectations.

This includes taking photos of the presentation board, or audio recording lectures.

There may be times when recording is not allowed during class, such as when there is classroom discussion over content not being tested on that includes personal or sensitive information. The student is responsible for stopping any audio recording and deleting or disposing of this content if recorded. Any recordings on an electronic device is for academic purposes only, and cannot be shared with others. Any student found to be sharing the information will be reported to the Dean of Students. 

Preferential Seating

If you require a specific seat in your course, talk with your instructor about how to best ensure that you always have access to that seat. In most cases, this is not an issue but there are some instances when students will get together in groups, or will be moving from a classroom to a lab where it may be an issue. Each classroom is different, so if there are concerns related to finding a specific seat in the classroom, please contact your Accommodations Access Advocate.


Renewing Accommodations

Accommodation letters are valid for one semester only. In order to continue to receiving accommodations each semester, students need to renew their accommodations. Students can renew their accommodations online or by scheduling an appointment with their Accommodations Access Advocate. 

In order to be eligible to renew accommodations online a student must:

  1. Have had an accommodation letter in one of the previous two semesters and keeping accommodations the same.
  2. Must be registered for classes. NOTE: The AIM system takes 24 hours to update a students classes. This includes any changes to schedules.

To renew accommodations online: 

  1. Login to the AIM Accommodation website with your K# and Password. 
  2. Follow the steps outlined in the document (below) Steps to Renew Accommodation Letter. 
Note: If you have any issues with renewing your accommodations contact the Accommodation Services. 

Or schedule an appointment with an Accommodations Access Advocate to renew your accommodations if: 

  • Need to make changes to your existing accommodations, or your situation has changed and you need new or additional accommodations
  • You are having difficulty renewing your accommodations through the online AIM system. 

Students Taking Classes at Main Campus/Iowa City Campuses

Click here to Schedule an Appointment with an Accommodations Access Advocate

Students Taking Classes at a County or Regional Center Campuses

Contact the Accommodation Services at 319-398-5540 and we will connect you with your campus advocate.