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Genealogy Basics

Ready to jump into genealogy? This guide gives you the basic resources to get started the right way.


This pathfinder will be useful for beginners who would like to start a family history search using the Internet.  On a cautionary note, remember that the Internet is merely a vehicle to help you begin the process. It is not the only resource you should use, but is a wonderful road map to help you start your ancestry search. Some resources are free, others require subscriptions.

Key Resources

For an introduction to the topic, see:

  • Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace (3rd ed.) by Elizabeth Shown Mills (2017) ISBN 0806320400
  • Generation by Generation: A Modern Approach to the Basics of Genealogy by Drew Smith (2023) ISBN 080632127X





Genealogy is easier with connections. Search “genealogy” on whatever social media platforms you use from Facebook to YouTube. The results and connections made can be very helpful.


Stand alone subscriptions:

  • Family Tree Magazine
  • Internet Genealogy

Subscription part of membership benefit:

  • American Ancestors
  • National Genealogical Quarterly 

Organizations and Special Collections

  (Check with your state’s Genealogical Society & both state and local historical societies where your family lived, plus any ethnic heritage national museums – for example the National Czech and Slovak Museum or the Vesterheim - that apply)

  •  Godfrey Memorial Library
    134 Newfield St.
    Middletown, CT  06457
    Tel: (860) 346-4375 
    Fax: (860) 347-9874
    e-mail address: (Reference Librarian)

Free Forms For Download

Family Relationships

Citation and Legal Links

Search Aids

Search Terms (Use for computer searches)

  • Genealogy
  • Internet Genealogy

Subject Headings (Use in card catalogs and print indexes)

  • Genealogy-Data Processing
  • Genealogy-Computer Network Resources
  • Genealogy
  • NOTE: Most public libraries are organized by Dewey Decimal System or one related to bookstores. A lot of university libraries are organized their books using the Library of Congress system (designed to follow Thomas Jefferson's library in Monticello.) You will find people who prefer either one or the other. A genealogist in the group recommends this instruction set on how to use Library of Congress system for genealogy if you haven't had to deal with it before.

Call Number

  •  929.1; 929.4 (Dewey Decimal)
  • 025.02-025.06929 (Library of Congress)

Indexes and Abstracts

  • EBSCOhost
  • First Search
  • Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature

Library catalogs

  • Your local library catalog
  • SILO - State-wide catalog
  • World Cat - World-wide Catalog

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6301 Kirkwood Blvd SW, Cedar Rapids, IA


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