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Open Textbooks, OER & Other Open or Free Resources for Faculty: Creating, Editing & Hosting OER

A guide to exploring open textbook options for faculty.

OER People & Projects at Kirkwood

OER Support Around the College

There are many faculty and staff at Kirkwood who use OER, support faculty adoption of OER, or have the knowledge and expertise to help with specific issues. Ask one of your colleagues about OER today:

Kate Hess, Digital Services Librarian, Library Services

  • Guidance in the process of shifting from traditional course materials to OER
  • Offers KCELT classes on OER adoption
  • Support and assistance in locating and curating OERs for all disciplines
  • Support in navigating questions of copyright, Creative Commons licensing, and fair use

Sue Miller, Access Services Librarian, Library Services

  • Support and assistance in locating and curating OERs for all disciplines

Faculty OER Adoption Program

Kirkwood Community College supports faculty adoption of open resources. Open resources benefit students and faculty by providing course materials at no or low cost, and customize materials to suit the needs of students and faculty. To read more about it see the quick summary of requirements, or read the complete program description.

Kirkwood's OER Blog

To see what your fellow faculty OER adopters are talking about, see our OER @ Kirkwood Faculty Blog.

Resources for Creating & Hosting Your Own Textbook

In addition to the resources below, don't forget that library resources are high quality and either free or already paid for! Content on these LibGuides pages can be embedded or linked to, and electronic resources such as magazine and journal articles may be linked to directly from Talon or your course website. Email for help with using the following alternatives:

  • Placing content on Talon 
  • Placing videos on Kirkwood Videos on Demand
  • Using e-journal articles at the Library



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