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Film Studies Research Guide

Guide to Researching a Person in Filmmaking

Use this guide when researching a person (for example, a director, actor, or cinematographer) involved in the making of a film. See the other tabs on the guide for researching other topics in Film Studies.

1: Choose a Person to Study

Browsing a list of films a person has been involved in is a great way to choose who you want to research.

2: Use Bibliographies as Guides to Research

Take advantage of the work of an expert in deciding on articles and books you want to use for your research. Collect a list of likely resources and continue on to the next step on this guide, which will show you how to locate the articles and books.

3: Use Library Resources to locate articles and books

Use Kirkwood Library's specialized resources to search for articles and books on your topic, and to locate articles and books referenced in a bibliography.




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