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This page is designed to help those students and faculty who access library services only online.

EBSCOhost eBooks Basics

Searching for eBooks at the Library

Kirkwood students, faculty, and staff have access to over 150,000 eBook titles through EBSCOhost's eBooks and Project MUSE.

You can:

  • Access these in-depth and high quality resources from a computer or mobile device
  • Load them onto eReaders
  • Print sections.
  • Copy and paste a citation in MLA or APA style
  • Search the Library's eBook collection through the main Library search (WorldCat).

Library Search (WorldCat) directions:


  1. Go to the WorldCat search or the Library homepage. You may search by keyword, subject, author, or title. After entering your search, hit enter, then select the "eBook" format limit (along the left side of the screen) to view only eBook results.
  2. Click the "View Online" button just below the book title to view a description of the book.
  3. Continue with step 3 of the EBSCOhost eBooks directions below.

EBSCOhost eBooks directions:

  1. Go to the EBSCOhost eBooks search. You may search for eBooks by keyword, author or title.
  2. Click on the title you want to view to get to the detailed record view.
  3. Click on the "eBook Full Text" link on the left side of the screen [see screenshot below] to view the complete book.
  4. From this screen you have many options. You can [A] browse the Table of Contents; [B] scroll through the book page by page or skip to a specific page number; [C] search the full text of the book for a specific word;  [D] save or print a section of the book by selecting "Save Pages"; or [E] view an APA or MLA style citation for the book. See the next section of this guide for more details on printing or downloading eBooks.

Downloading EBSCOhost eBooks

Downloading Options

EBSCOhost eBooks gives you several different options for viewing an eBook. Select the method below that works the best for your needs.

Reading on-screen

  • Use the "eBook Full Text" button for online viewing.
  • EBSCOhost eBooks may be read online at any time. This will work on almost any computer with internet access, and will also work on most tablets or smartphones that have a browser application. Although most titles on EBSCOhost eBooks allow an unlimited number of users at once, you may occasionally get a message that you need to wait for another user to close the title before you can access it.

Printing or Saving a chapter or section

  • EBSCOhost eBooks may be saved or printed, but only a section at a time. Each book is limited by the publisher to an upper limit of 30 or 60 pages that may be printed.
  • Click the "PDF Full Text" button (see image below) to view the book and decide which portion you want to save. For both printing and saving, click the "Save Pages" link along the top of the page. You will then enter the span of pages you want to save. Those selected pages will then be downloaded as a PDF file to your computer.
  • To print, open that downloaded PDF file and print from there.
  • You may also use this method to download a portion of the book as a PDF file, then load that PDF file onto your ebook reader or tablet for offline reading.







  • Using the "Download This eBook" button (see image above) ebooks may be downloaded for offline reading on a laptop, desktop, ebook reader or other mobile device. See links below for detailed instructions as they differ depending on the type of device you use.
  • EBSCO will ask you to log in to your My EBSCOhost account - this is an account you create yourself, using your own email. It will also require downloading and using the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) program, and logging into that with your own account using your own email. Click here for complete directions for downloading entire books using ADE.
  • Detailed directions for downloading to different types of mobile devices and operating systems:


Downloading EBSCO eBooks Tutorial

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