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Tutorial: Why Information Literacy Matters

Video: Life in the Information Age

Videos: Research Process

Tutorial: Developing a Research Focus

Video: How to Narrow Your Topic

Tutorial: Background Research Tips

Videos: Beginning Research with Wikipedia/Google

Video: Thesis Statements

Quiz: Thesis Statements

Tutorial: Scholarship as Conversation

Quiz: The Research Process

Tutorial: Research for Persuasive Writing [new]



Tutorial: Information Has Value

Quiz: Information Has Value

Video: Data, Information, and Knowledge

Quiz: Data, Information, and Knowledge

Video: Primary & Secondary Research

Quiz: Primary & Secondary Sources

Video: Peer Review

Quiz: Peer Review

Video: Types of Sources

Video: Primary Sources

Video: Secondary Sources

Video: Tertiary Sources

Tutorial: Source Types

Quiz: Types of Sources

Tutorial: How To Read Scholarly Materials

Video: How to Read Scholarly Materials

Tutorial: Selecting Appropriate Digital Sources [new]


Videos: Searching as Exploration

Video: Choosing a Database

Quiz: Choosing a Database

Tutorial: Choosing & Using Keywords

Quiz: Choosing and Using Keywords

Tutorial: Search Techniques, Part 1

Tutorial: Search Techniques, Part 2

Video: Refining Search Results

Quiz: Search Techniques

Video: What is Authority?

Video: Introduction to Bias

Video: Types of Bias

Quiz: Bias

Video: Evaluating Sources

Tutorial: Evaluating Information

Tutorial: Choosing the Best Web Source

Video: How to Identify and Debunk Fake News

Video Tutorial: Understanding Misinformation

Quiz: Fake News

Quiz: Evaluating Information

Tutorial: News Reporting vs. Opinion Pieces in Journalism [new]

Tutorial: Evaluating Digital Sources Using Lateral Reading [new]

Video: Synthesizing Information

Tutorial: Synthesizing Information

Quiz: Synthesizing Information

Tutorial: Annotated Bibliography

Video: Anatomy of a Research Paper

Quiz: Anatomy of a Research Paper

Video: Writing Help

Tutorial: Digital Privacy [new]

Tutorial: Paraphrasing, Quoting, and Summarizing [new]

Video: Why Citations Matter

Tutorial: Why Citations Matter

Video: APA Citations

Tutorial: APA Citations

Quiz: APA Citations

Video: MLA 8th Edition Citation Style

Tutorial: MLA 8th Edition Citation Style

Quiz: MLA Citations

Video: Academic Integrity

Video: Plagiarism

Video: Copyright

Quiz: Academic Integrity


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