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Print from Your Own Device (PYOD): Home

This guide provides the link to the website allowing you to print from your own device, as well as provides you with step-by-step instructions for doing so.

Ask a Librarian

Cedar Rapids Campus Library
       Phone: 319-398-5697
       Toll-free 866-452-8504

Iowa City Campus Library
       Phone: 319-887-3613

PYOD Web Address

*Please note: If you are on the Cedar Rapids campus select the BH_152BYOD_8300 printer. From Iowa City, select ICCR_107_8400.*

Print from Your Own Device Link
*use the web address above to print from your own device*


  • For printing from the Cedar Rapids campus library use printer BH_152BYOD_8300.
  • For printing from the Iowa City campus library use printer ICCR_107_8400.
  • If your document is not printing, make sure that it is closed. Print From Your Own Device will not print open documents.
  • If not all the pages of your document are printing, click on the "Advanced" box and and manually input the pages that did not print.
  • Only the following document types/formats can be used with the Everyone Print service: Microsoft Office (.docx, .xlxs, .pptx, etc.), PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, BMP & TXT.
  • Webpages CAN be printed by selecting "Web Print" from the top menu and entering the address in the "Web Address to Print" search bar.
  • After selecting your file, you will have to click on the button to "select a printer" once the file has been uploaded (this can take a while depending on the size of the document).
  • Pages or documents from secure websites or sites requiring a login CANNOT be printed (i.e. Talon, EagleNet, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, DropBox, etc.)In order to print documents from these sites you will need to download the document to your device
    • (print hack: if you have an option, select to download as PDF).
  • Your printing/copying account will be charged when using the Everyone Prints service.