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The Kirkwood Test Centers provide a calm, efficient, and positive testing environment for all exam candidates.

For Kirkwood academic courses, the test centers provide exams for:

1) Students with accommodations 

2) Make-up exams for face-to-face courses

3) Distance learning (online/WebLive) exams


Distance Learning (Online/WebLive) Instructions: 

Provide instructions to Kristina Murphy at


FAQ 2022 - 2023 Academic Year

Faculty and Staff Information

2022-2023 Academic Year:


What should I tell my student about using the Test Center?  Both test centers require appointments for all students, whether they are online (Distance Learning/Web Live) or take classes on-campus. For both groups, please instruct them to locate available exams in their Talon course shell; instructions on how to make an appointment can be found here. Please encourage your students to schedule the semester’s worth of tests in advance.

Cedar Rapids Testing Instructions / Iowa City Testing Instructions  

What does a student need to know about making an appointment at the Test Centers and testing expectations there? Students can find our standard rules and testing expectations for both the centers on the Test Center Website. They will be required to present a photo ID for all exams, and will be expected to leave all electronic devices outside the testing area. 

Can students take an exam without an appointment?  

  • Face to Face courses - It may not be possible to provide students with a paper/pencil exam if they didn’t arrange to test in advance.  For make-up tests and special accommodations, students will need to contact their instructors to facilitate an exam in the center.  
  • Online and Web-Live courses - Computer tests that require a proctor may be taken in the test center, but we require an appointment.  Please advise your students to use their Talon course shell to access the scheduling system, where they can arrange for exams at their convenience.

Can I still drop off an exam to the Test Center? Make-up tests and exams for students with accommodations should be submitted through RegisterBlast.  Please follow this link for instructions on submitting your exams electronically.  For an instructional video demonstrating the process, please see this link.  If you have questions about the process, please contact either or  

How do I get my Paper/Pencil exam back? The Cedar Rapids Test Center will no longer drop off exams in mailrooms across campus. Instructors and department assistants are welcome to pick up and sign out completed exams in the test centers. If an exam is placed in campus mail, it may take up to two days to be delivered. Mail is sent daily every afternoon.

Iowa City Test Center will maintain the same system.

Can Respondus Lock-Down Browser be used? The staff monitors student exams using desktop monitoring software and video cameras. We prefer that Respondus is disabled for student exams in the test center. Any concerns regarding academic integrity will be shared with instructors.

Who keeps track of time?  Talon times online exams. Students taking paper/pencil exams are responsible for monitoring their exam time. Check-in and Check- Out time is documented for instructors. 


Testing Students with Accommodations

Testing Accommodations

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Read and Write work with TALON quizzes or exams with Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Read and Write will work with TALON quizzes or exams with Respondus Lockdown Browser IF the student has a Window's PC and the latest version of Read and Write installed on their personal device. 

Tutoring Services and the Accommodations Access Advocate will work with the students to determine if they have what they need. If not, alternative proctoring options are available through the Test Center.

A student has an exam online through TALON and an individual quiet testing room accommodation. How is this provided to a student who doesn’t come to campus?

The student is responsible for ensuring they have a quiet testing environment at home. If the student has a need to come to campus for a quiet environment, they will need to talk with their Accommodations Access Advocate about accessing the Test Center.

What do I do if a student has extended time for an online exam/quiz (proctored or not)?

Instructors will only need to set up the extended time on TALON or other online site. Students will log in and take their exam in the same way other students would take their exam.

What is the Virtual Test Center (Zoom Proctoring) for Students with Accommodations?

Zoom Proctoring is an accommodation that may be listed on a student's accommodation letter. If a student is approved for this accommodation, their Accommodations Access Advocate will follow up with the instructor to provide additional information.


Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

Monitoring of Exams

All exams in the Test Center are proctored by staff using video surveillance and desktop monitoring software. When a student makes an appointment, they affirm that they understand this statement: I understand that any suspected evidence of inappropriate testing behavior will be documented by test center staff and reported for further review.

If a test center proctor suspects inappropriate testing behavior, they will not interfere with the test event. Instead, the proctor will document the behavior and produce a report with relevant information and documentation. The proctor will send the report to the instructor via e-mail, and it is the instructor's responsibility to begin the academic integrity process.