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Kirkwood Community College Test Centers

Cedar Rapids and Iowa City

Kirkwood Test Centers

The Kirkwood Test Centers provide a calm, efficient, and positive testing environment for all exam candidates.

For Kirkwood academic courses, the test centers provide exams for: 1) Students with accommodations, 2) Make-up exams for face-to-face courses, and 3) Distance learning (online/WebLive) exams.

Fall Hours

Extended Hours for December!

Appointments are required for all exams.

Cedar Rapids extended hours from 8am-8pm on these dates (otherwise open 8am-5pm):

Monday (11/29), Tuesday (11/30), Wednesday (12/1), Thursday (12/2), Monday (12/6), Tuesday (12/7), Wednesday (12/8), Thursday (12/9), Friday (12/10), Monday (12/13). Tuesday (12/14)


Iowa City extended hours from 8am-8pm on these dates (otherwise open 8am-5pm):

Monday (11/29), Wednesday (12/1), Monday (12/6), Tuesday (12/7). Wednesday (12/8), Thursday (12/9), 

Monday (12/13), Tuesday (12/14), Wednesday (12/15), Thursday (12/16)


Saturday (12/11) Open from 11am-4pm



Faculty Quick Links:

Faculty Exam Instruction Forms for On-Campus Courses:

Cedar Rapids Campus Exam Instruction Form

Iowa City Campus Exam Instruction Form 

Distance Learning (Online/WebLive) Instructions: 

Provide instructions to Kristina Murphy at

Appointments are required for exams:

Fall 2021

Faculty and Staff Information

Fall 2021 Update:

Are Test Centers open? The test centers will operate at full capacity. The test centers will provide exams for students with accommodations, make-up exams for face-to-face courses, and distance learning (online/WebLive) exams.

What should I tell my student about using the Test Center? Appointments are required for all students who use the test center. Students should be advised to sign up for an appointment that ensures they will finish their exam before the Test Center closes.

How does a student make and appointment? Students can make appointments by going to the homepage of the Test Center WebsiteYou can share this short video with your students about how to make exams in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. 

Are WALK-IN appointments available? Appointments and resources must be available for students to make a same-day, same-time appointment. 

If an appointment is not immediately available, instructors are asked to be flexible with exam start/stop times and to offer additional time for a student to take an exam with accommodations or to make up an exam.

Can I still send Paper/Pencil Exams? The Test Centers greatly appreciate all exams to be in electronic format to increase the efficiency of our student services. However, instructors may send paper/pencil exams for make-up exams and for students with approved accommodations.

If you are sending a paper/pencil exam to the Test Center, please put your identifying information at the top of the first page of your exam so the test center staff can easily identify the instructor.  We suggest putting your First and Last name, Course Number, Exam Title, and Semester at the top of each exam submission to the test center. 

How do I get my Paper/Pencil exam back? The Cedar Rapids Test Center will no longer drop off exams in mailrooms across campus. Instructors may pick up their exams within two days of a student's completion. After two days, the exam will be placed in campus mail. Iowa City Test Center will maintain the same system.

How do I send exam instructions and passwords? NOTE: The "pink sheet" and the exam submission link on KIN were discontinued Fall 2020. All exam instructions and exam submissions should be sent electronically.

Before sending a student to the Test Center, the instructor should submit the student's exam information to one of these campus-specific links:

Cedar Rapids Campus Exam Instruction Form

Iowa City Campus Exam Instruction Form

Please be specific. No assumptions are made by Test Center staff that Exam 3 is the same "Exam 3" for all students in the course or from the same instructor.

Can Respondus Lock-Down Browser be used? The staff monitors student exams using desktop monitoring software and video cameras. We prefer that Respondus is disabled for student exams in the test center. See how in TALON INSTRUCTOR TRAINING, Module 7, Quizzes. Any concerns regarding academic integrity will be shared with instructors.

Who keeps track of time?  Students are responsible for monitoring their exam time. Check-in and Check- Out time is documented for instructors. 


Testing Students with Accommodations

Testing Accommodations

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Read and Write work with TALON quizzes or exams with Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Read and Write will work with TALON quizzes or exams with Respondus Lockdown Browser IF the student has a Window's PC and the latest version of Read and Write installed on their personal device. 

Tutoring Services and the Accommodations Access Advocate will work with the students to determine if they have what they need. If not, alternative proctoring options are available through the Test Center.

A student has an exam online through TALON and have an individual quiet testing room accommodation. How is this provided to a student who doesn’t come to campus?

The student is responsible for ensuring they have a quiet testing environment at home. If the student has a need to come to campus for a quiet environment, they will need to talk with their Accommodations Access Advocate about accessing the Test Center.

What do I do if a student has extended time for an online exam/quiz (proctored or not)?

Instructors will only need to set up the extended time on TALON or other online site. Students will log in and take their exam in the same way other students would take their exam.

A student will be coming to a Test Center location to take their exams, but my exams are proctored with Respondus Lockdown Browser. What steps do I need to take?

You will need to submit a Test Instruction Form to the Test Center location (see links above) and you will be asked to turn off the Respondus Lockdown Browser for this specific student. You can find instructions on how to disable the Respondus Lockdown Browser in TALON INSTRUCTOR TRAINING under Module 7--Quizzes.

The Test Center Staff are trained to proctor exams using desktop monitoring software and video camera surveillance. Any suspected violation of academic integrity is reported and evidence is shared with instructors.

What is the Virtual Test Center (Zoom Proctoring) for Students with Accommodations?

Zoom Proctoring is a new accommodation that may be listed on a student's accommodation letter. If a student is approved for this accommodation, their Accommodations Access Advocate will follow up with the instructor to provide additional information.


Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

Monitoring of Exams

All exams in the Test Center are proctored by staff using video surveillance and desktop monitoring software. When a student makes an appointment, they affirm that they understand this statement: I understand that any suspected evidence of inappropriate testing behavior will be documented by test center staff and reported for further review.

If a test center proctor suspects inappropriate testing behavior, they will not interfere with the test event. Instead, the proctor will document the behavior and produce a report with relevant information and documentation. The proctor will send the report to the instructor via e-mail, and it is the instructor's responsibility to begin the academic integrity process.