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Kirkwood Library homepage

Faculty Services

This page lists a variety of library services for faculty, such as instruction requests, purchase requests, and individual consultations.

Contact us

  • CR Reference: 319-398-5697
  • CR Circulation: 319-398-5696
  • IC Circulation: 319-887-3613
  • IC Reference: 319-887-3612
  • Text Reference: 319-774-6491
  • Make a research help appointment
  • Email: (Cedar Rapids)
  • Email: (Iowa City)

Iowa City AV

Note: Cedar Rapids Campus faculty should call 319-398-5521 for AV questions. The information below is only applicable to Iowa City campus.

What's here: All Kirkwood classrooms on the Iowa City Campus are equipped with instructor’s tables with PCs and a ceiling-mounted projection system for instructor computer, personal laptop, and video presenter projection. All classrooms have powered speakers, DVD drives in the PC, and video presenters (aka document camera or ELMO).  Some classrooms have a Sympodium.

Most instructors’ tables include a printed set of instructions attached to one side of the table in a clear plastic sleeve. These instructions include the basics for successful operation of the equipment. The library conducts special training sessions for new faculty, and we are happy to orient individual instructors to equipment in their classrooms by appointment. Contact the library service desk at 887-3613 or stop by room 107.

What to do in case of problems: During daytime hours, call the main college help desk at ext. 1264 if you experience problems with any of the equipment in your classroom.  They will start a ticket and dispatch a technician on campus.  After 6pm, contact the library checkout desk. Call ext. 3613 for immediate assistance. There is a phone in every classroom.

To request special equipment: Contact the library at least 48 hours in advance to request special equipment for your classroom or for your professional use. The following are all available through the library:

  • Laptop cart with 20 laptops and printer
  • Slide projector
  • CD player boom box
  • Public address system
  • Digital voice recorder
  • Digital camera
  • Laptop computer
  • Portable computer speaker
  • Portable DVP (projector)
  • Tripod screen 

Cedar Rapids Campus Library

Benton Hall

6301 Kirkwood Blvd SW, Cedar Rapids, IA

Iowa City Campus Library

107 Credit Center Building

1816 Lower Muscatine Rd., Iowa City, IA