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Citation Guides

Guides on everything related to citing sources: MLA and APA style, citing websites, and avoiding plagiarism.

APA for Book References

Book with a single author

Author (Year). Title of the book: Subtitle of the book. Publisher.

Lampe, G. P. (2014). Douglass spoke out: Freedom's voice. American Press.

Book with two to twenty authors
  • List authors or editors in the same order as presented in the work.

Author 1, Author 2, & Author 3 (Year). Title of the book: Subtitle of the book. Publisher.

Curtis, M. T., & Andrews, K. A. (2019). A changing Australia: The social, cultural and economic trends. Federation Press.

Book with more than twenty authors
  • Include the first 19 authors' name, insert an ellipsis (...) but no ampersand (&), and then give the final author's name. For example: 

Jones, T.,...Botos, G. (2019).

Book with a group author (or corporate author)
  • If the publisher is the same as the author, omit the publisher. 
  • Include the URL if the publication is accessed online.

American Association of Cereal Chemists. (2014). Sweeteners. 

Book with an edition number given
  • Edition information is given after the title

Lerner, G. B. (2019). The Grimke sister from South Carolina (2nd ed.). Oxford University Press.

Book with a DOI

Author (Year). Title of the book: Subtitle of the book. Publisher. DOI

Reiman, M. (2016). About Russia, its revolutions, its development and its present. Peter Lang.



APA for Reference Books and Book Chapters

General rules
  • The editor(s), edition, volume, and page numbers, when given, are included with the book title. 
    • For example: In P. A. Kobasa (Ed.), World book (2009 ed., Vol. 20, p. 309). 
  • If more than one editor is given, list the editor names then use "Eds." 
    • For example: In D. Black & Q Brown (Eds.), The new encyclopaedia Brittanica (10th ed., Vol. 23, p. 766).
Encyclopedia article, with an author listed

Author (Year). Article title. In Editor Name (Ed.), Title of book (edition, Volume, page number). Publisher.

Wilmeth, D. B. (2009). Ventriloquism. In P. A. Kobasa (Ed.), World book (2009 ed., Vol. 20, p. 309). World Book.

Parsons, N. (2019, October 29). Botswana. In Encyclopaedia Britannica. Retrieved December 13, 2019, from

Encyclopedia article, no author listed

Article title. (Year). In Editor Name (Ed.), Title of book (edition, Volume, page number). Publisher.

Relativity. (2010). In D. Black & Q. Brown (Eds.), The new encyclopaedia Britannica (10th ed., Vol. 23, p. 766). Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Edited book or anthology

Editor name(s) (Year). Title of book: Subtitle of book. Publisher.

Smith, J. D. & Jolly, I. M. (Eds.). (2020). Maternities and modernities: Colonial and postcolonial experiences in Asia and the Pacific. Cambridge University Press.

Hock, R. R. (Ed.) (2013). Forty studies that changed psychology: Explorations into the history of psychological research (7th ed.) Pearson.

Chapter in an anthology or compilation: with author given

Chapter Author (Chapter Date or Book Date). Title of chapter. In Editor Name (Ed.), Title of the book (edition, page numbers). Publisher. DOI if given

Waxman, N. J. (2006). Recipes. In A. F. Smith (Ed.), The Oxford companion to American food and drink (pp. 494-495). Oxford University Press.

Separately-titled volume of a multi-volume work

Islamic state of Afghanistan. (2006). In G. P. Skabelund (Ed.), Culturegrams: The nations around us: Vol. 2. Africa, Asia, and Oceania (pp. 104). Brigham Young University.

Common title reference: DSM-5-TR

American Psychiatric Association. (2022). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (5th ed., text rev.).

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