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Faculty Services: Student readings

This page lists a variety of library services for faculty, such as instruction requests, purchase requests, and individual consultations.

Information Literacy Textbooks

As an alternative to Credo Instruct, here are some readings that faculty can assign to students. These textbooks are open educational resources.

Information Literacy: Basic Research Skills

Section 1: Research and the Scholarly Conversation

Section 2: Understanding Information (includes evaluation of information, primary, secondary and tertiary resources, and scholarly and popular sources)

Section 3:  Keeping it Legal (includes copyright, fair use, plagiarism, and citations)

Section 4: Creating your own Resource List for your Topic

Section 5: Picking a Topic and Developing it

Section 6: Identifying a Variety of Words to Use and Creating Search Strategies (includes keywords, Boolean operators and choosing databases)

Section 7: Finding Books and Articles in Library Databases

Section 8: Searching the Web

Section 9: Wrapping it Up

Section 10: Glossary


Information Literacy