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Summer Lit with Shelby Myers-Verhage, LIT 206: Home

Resources to help you understand the novels we'll read in class, including links to additional materials.

More about the Authors

"You Must Read This" NPR site

Tim O'Brien

David Benioff

Markus Zusak

Julie Otsuka

World War II


The National WWII Museum
Includes Digital Collections, Oral Histories and Artifacts

Encyclopedia article from Encylopaedia Judaica

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Primary Documents

World War II Records
Primary documents from the U.S. National Archives. Links to many different collections and sites.

JARDA: Japanese American Relocation Digital Archives
Primary sources and historical context for Japanese American Internment Camps

Japanese Relocation and Internment During World War II
Another way to find primary documents in the National Archives

Audio & Visual Resources

Pictures of World War II
Many photos, high quality, organized by subject

World War II: The Bombing Offensive
Historical context and original videos, from the History Channel

Siege of Leningrad: Maps

Animated Video Map

Siege of Leningrad: Background and Map

Siege of Leningrad: Survivor Stories

Yelena Ryzhova

Yevgenny Zauber - Surviving the Siege of Leningrad

Witness from BBC World Service

Vietnam War


Battlefield Vietnam: A Brief History
Brief overview and timeline of the main events of the war in Vietnam. Great place to give yourself some background. From PBS, written by Professor Robert K. Brigham of Vassar College. Includes timelines and links to additional resources.

Vietnam War
A slightly more thorough overview including what lead up to U.S. involvement in Vietnam and some of the aftermath. From International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. (may require logging in with your k# and password)

Online companion to Vietnam: A Television History
From the PBS series American Experience


Pacifism and Anti-Vietnam Protests
Great overview of the protests and the reasons for them. Brief mention of "draft dodgers" and emigration to Canada. From the World History Encyclopedia. (may require logging in with your k# and password)

Civil Liberties during the Vietnam War
An essay from The Encyclopedia of Civil Liberties in Americas. Discusses the main reasons this war was protested, including the constitutionality of the declaration of war and reinstating the draft. (may require logging in with your k# and password)

Primary Documents

Research in Military Records: Vietnam War
Primary documents from the U.S. National Archives, links to many different sites

Audio & Visual Resources

The Vietnam War in Pictures
From BBC News

Seeking Sanctuary: Draft Dodgers
A site from the CBC (Canadian public broadcasting) that links to news videos. **NOTE: you need to scroll down past the ads on the right side of the screen to get to the area "all clips from this topic".

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