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Web Resources Evaluation: Finding Web Resources

This is a quick guide on how to evaluate resources found on the web. Tips on how to cite information in web resources and how to find information on the web are also provided.

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How to Speak Google

Our top 3 Google search tips that make your searching more effective and efficient:

  • “” Use quotation marks when searching for a phrase, such as “global warming”  
  •  - (minus sign) works like NOT, excluding pages with the word that follows from results. Example: +pollution -air 
  •  site: or -site:    On, use the site limit to narrow your results.
    Examples:  depression treatment site:edu  will show results only on .edu sites; “prescription drugs” -site:com will show results from any site except a .com.

And download our 2-page guide to effective Google searching for even more tips:

Five-minute Video on Advanced Web Searching