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Poetry Contest for Iowa City Campus Kirkwood: Winning Poems, 2011

Celebrate poetry with us by submitting your own poem for the contest, or by reading a favorite poem at the poetry open mic event in April

About the Poems

The poems at the right were all composed by students attending Iowa City Campus Kirkwood. All poems are copyrighted by their individual authors. Please do not reprint without their expressed written permission.

1st Place Poem: "You're Going to Need a Bigger Boat" by Lucas Shepherd

2nd Place: "Foolish" by Zack Bergman

Gliding through a service call,

exit, leaving guests

dissecting a half mirrored chord.

Libyan ending.

Two hands dripped

full of nylon wiring, cross hatched needles

bent to accommodate.

copper wound,

embedded in compost

and paint and oil.

Piecing it together,

glass slivers, grains of sand.

exposed thoughts.

Seamless strokes of digital watches,

I thought I would want by now. 

Drawn out excuse

with a commanding lead.

Thus lengthening our awkward not

not forgotten. 


A room infused with

storms brewing/pooling in corners.

The way out is something

fused fundamental 

for longer than

twin childhood memories.

Just keep talking

talking. Muttering, old soul.

Sonic youth

old soul

all the while broken fists

collapse the door behind me.

Falling to the cannibal concrete.

Congrats bro.  

3rd Place: "Flypaper" by Matthew Irwin

Honorable Mention: "Ode to Scott Walker" by Leah Wolfe